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White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Any website that just looks beautiful but has low online visibility is truly as good as non-existent. In today’s digital world, online visibility is the most important criterion for any type of website.

Your business’s online presence is defined by the position of its visibility on search engine results page (SERP). The main thing that SEO is supposed to do for your website is to reach out the target audience and this is most possible if your website ranks higher, ideally in the first page, of SERP. This ranking is defined by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. based on their algorithms (different for each of these search engines).

There are several SEO techniques that can be used to make your website SEO-friendly and drive ‘relevant’ traffic or target audience to your website. The SEO advantage greatly increases your website’s chances through website optimization to win the game against your competitors and gets your website a higher online visibility. The goal of any SEO technique is to ideally get your website to rank higher on SERP and drive more filtered targeted traffic to your website.

We discuss and compare three famous SEO techniques used by even the most renowned companies across the globe – or should we say, internet? 

White Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO uses ethical tactics to help with SEO. This means white hat SEO follows the guidelines specified by search engines. Keywords are used in the limited yet effective repetitions.

It takes time to optimize your website for SEO using the white hat SEO technique, but there is the benefit of the entire process being low-risk. This type of SEO technique requires more efforts in the initial stages of making your website search-engine optimized, but yields results that are highly effective in the long run. There are less to zero chances of Google or any other search engine penalizing your website for any reason.

The content on your website will have healthy backlinks that get you targeted traffic. The footer does not have too many links and has only links relevant to your website in some way.

White hat SEO is almost always recommended over other SEO techniques as it is ethical and will give you long-term results unlike the other techniques.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO or negative SEO uses unethical tactics to help with SEO. This type of SEO hardly follows any of the guidelines specified by the search engines. Although not following guidelines is not illegal, malpractices that go completely against the guidelines are illegal. Keyword stuffing is done in this type of SEO, turning the content to low quality and thus look bad to the webpage visitor. There are numerous back-links from spam websites which again lowers your ranking if found out. Duplicate content is another click-bait technique followed in black hat SEO technique without any actual value in content.

It fools the audience and search engines by showing them both different results. This practice is termed high-risk and is in violation of rules.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is a mix of both white hat SEO and black hat SEO tactics quite literally. That is, this type of SEO uses tactics that are neither ethical nor unethical with respect to search engine guidelines. Note that grey hat SEO may also contain ethical and unethical tactics. The grey hat SEO technique includes paid reviews and click-bait articles in the content of your website that does not impress the reader for obvious reasons.

It is important to note that the SEO strategies vary with time and thus your website should be updated accordingly, whether it is content or links.

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