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What Common Reasons Cause A Website To Be Slow?

Customers are growing lower on patience every passing day and a fast-loading website is no longer something you aim for but a mandate.

Web development is so much more than just theory – it requires a good understanding of the project to develop the most effective results. A reliable web development company could be the right start to an attractive yet highly functional website for your business.

Many businesses still struggle with a website that loads slow and thus causes a higher bounce rate which is something that no website wants! Learning the different reasons that contribute to a slow website can help you work towards solving the problem at the root.

What Causes a Website to be Slow

What Are The Most Common Reasons That Cause A Website To Be Slow?

Web hosting that is not reliable

Not everything comes cheap and web hosting is a fit example for that. Using a cheaper web hosting services may not be the smartest cost deduction for your business. Rather, opt for reliable web hosting as suggested by a reputable web development company to ensure that your website visitors do not face hindrances in browsing your website.

Doing everything in your power to ensure a fast-loading website is still not enough without a good web hosting service.


A lot of start-ups have a tight budget and end up choosing a free template to build websites. However, getting a website done by an experienced web development company can actually be a better value for your investment and also affordable as you have the flexibility to choose exactly what you want for your website.

Coming back to free stuff, templates or hosting, you will have no control over how many ads or where these ads would be placed on your website, leading to a slow website in a majority of cases.

Unnecessary elements

It is a good routine to regularly go through the elements that are present on your website, especially the homepage and every landing page. Ensure to cut out unnecessary elements that have already served their purpose and not effective any longer.

A top web development company can help you in decluttering your website to ensure a fast-loading website with just enough elements that are have precise purposes.

Images and videos

Optimising websites for search engines (SEO) is something all businesses are familiar with and most even opt for professional SEO services.

One of main criteria that affects website ranking on search engine results page (SERP) is optimising content, especially media like videos and images. A reliable web development company can optimise elements to a standard size that would load quickly.

Always remember to use media that are notably small in size without compromising on the quality so that optimisation can further help them load faster.

High traffic, limited bandwidth

The goal of any website is to get more traffic and keep visitors engaged for as long as possible – of course, the latter is only possible if the website does load and fast at that.

While a business may not have high traffic in its very first stages, it would certainly hope to increase that especially as business expands. Even though a good website developed by a renowned web development company can ensure a great website in terms of performance, limited bandwidth with unexpectedly high traffic for a particular website can slow down website to a great extent, but simply increasing the website’s bandwidth can solve this issue.

Hiring a web development company can be challenging but choosing the right one can make a world of difference to your website. Rydrex is a modern-day pioneer at web development and also offers IT solutions to every industry. Contact us to learn more.

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