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Are Web 1.0, Web 2.0 And Web 3.0 Any Different At All?

The Internet is perhaps the widest virtual network on earth, in fact, the widest network to connect people across all continents.

While internet came into existence around late 1960s, the world wide web or www was founded much later in 1991. www is the software that enables users to browse internet through devices such as computers and mobile phones.

A good web development company in Mysore will be well versed with the knowledge of the various versions of web and use only the most efficient approaches while working for a client. Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are different versions of the web, named in the ascending order of their invention or upgradation.

Are Web 1.0, Web 2.0 And Web 3.0

Different Versions Of Web Define Its Characteristics & Limitations

While the various versions of the web may not seem that different for a layman, the terminology is based on the various technical advances.

Web 1.0 (approx. 1990-2000)

This is the first-ever form of internet and the earliest in the evolution of web in the world. As the world of internet was still very new, neither users nor developers know exactly what to expect or what would have been possible to do via web. Web 1.0 contained majorly static website, the type of websites that run on fixed code. Due to the static nature of websites, there was almost zero interaction that was possible during the phase of Web 1.0. Static websites were merely used to display information just as it was coded. Today, a trusted web development company in Mysore uses the latest options to build professional dynamic websites.

Web 2.0 (approx. 2000-2010)

As interaction was something that Web 1.0 lacked, Web 2.0 was created to address exactly that. The basic searches were made possible with the invention of search engines and also social websites such as Twitter that are popular even today. While Web 1.0 did not support sharing images or any other media, however small or whatever format it was in, Web 2.0 supported the sharing of media such as images and even videos. An experienced web development company in Mysore would be a witness to the different phases of web evolution.

Web 3.0 (after 2010)

This is the latest version or more precisely, the version of web that we use today. Web 3.0 is the version that has been evolving since 2010 and is also the era that gave rise to web applications, desktop applications and mobile application, most of which run via internet. In Web 3.0, even large files can easily be shared either via email or other helpful applications. A reliable web development company in Mysore gets its popularity with years of relevant experience.

As technology is always advancing, the web is advancing at the same rate, if not more, and an experienced web development company in Mysore will stay updated with the same. The reason for any advancement in any field would be addition of newer features, or enhancing existing features that would make tasks much easier.

In case of web, the goal has always been to make interaction and communication much more convenient, cheaper as well as realistic although it is technically virtual. Security is another major factor given that information of any website is otherwise under the risk of breach to expect the least. Any reliable web development company in Mysore will ensure the best security for websites that it develops and maintains. Web 4.0 and Web 5.0 are already in open talks.

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