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2022: Why You Should Really Consider Two-Factor Authentication Everywhere

Ever since people started creating their email IDs, the world is aware of the basic duo – username and password. Two-factor authentication includes much more.

In 2022, technology has advanced to an extent that was not expected in the initial stages and this also means that security is just that much higher at risk, even online. This applies to everything online – whether an individual user’s data or a company’s data, especially website data.

Moreover, a lot of confidential information – whether personal or professional, is often shared online which again puts that information at risk.

Two-Factor Authentication

2022: Why You Should Really Consider Two-Factor Authentication Everywhere And Stay Secure Online

For most companies, protecting their confidential data is just as important as growing their business itself, for all the expected valid reasons.

Cybercrime rates have increased multiple times in the past few years as attackers are growing more technology-smart and are finding ways to crack into any information that they need. This means that tightening security is the only way through which any individual or business can protect themselves against such attacks.

Two-factor authentication or even multiple-factor authentication are ways through which the basic security offered by passwords can be upgraded to a greater extent.

More often than not, you will be allowed to choose what alternative authentication methods that you wish to follow to access your accounts.

Using two-factor authentication does not mean that you skip the basic login credentials that are the username and password, but it will require more than just that to access your data. That is, you will have additional security that only allows your verification to get through.

Just like most the main entrances of most houses have the main gate, one or more doors, and multiple locks for a tighter security, even your virtual account that includes vital and confidential information requires multiple layers of security, at the least two.

The types of two-factor authentication may include:

SMS verification – this is the most common one for a majority of users; it is done mostly through verifying a one-time password (OTP) sent to the registered mobile number

Call verification – this is done when the user answers an automated call, mostly through an OTP shared via the call that must be verifies by typing it on the keypad while on the same call

Email verification – this depends on what it is being verified for. If it is to verify the authentication of an email, an alternate email ID may receive a link that can be clicked to verify, or even an OTP to be used where required, to verify self.

Most two-factor authentication can be done using:

  • something that you regularly use – such as mobile phones or an alternate email ID;
  • some information that you can recall as used at the time of creation of the account in the picture – such as the answer to a secret question that only you know, as you created that;
  • something that is unique to you – such as fingerprint, face ID, retina scan, etc., most of which fall under biometrics.

These are the available two-factor or multiple-factor authentication available as of 2022. Quite possibly, stricter security measures have the highest potential to be invented in the near future for better data protection and security.

Getting your website secured by a reliable web development company can be a great start to switch to two-factor authentication.

Rydrex is an expert web development company and an IT solutions provider that offers top-notch services to help your business transform. Through implementation of two-factor authentication, the team ensures that your website or solutions that we offer keep all your data secure. Contact us to learn more.

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