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Is Ranking More Important Than Traffic Or The Other Way Around?

Driving more traffic to a website is important for every brand to get more leads and increase conversions.

Gaining more organic website traffic gives long-term results while it is not the same for inorganic website traffic.

Organic traffic is the traffic led to your website through free means, such as a good website ranking that mostly requires ethical efforts. Today, the competition for every business in any industry is so high that advertisements are no longer limited and are opted for by most brands.

Traffic led by these ads is inorganic website traffic, making it clear why such traffic is short-term and limited for only as long as an ad campaign is running.

For a website, gaining a higher rank on the search engine results page (SERP) as well as getting increased traffic (preferably as organic website traffic) are important goals, but which of these is more important?

organic website traffic

Is Ranking More Important Than Traffic Or Is It Actually The Other Way Around?

This may sound rather surprising but a higher ranking does not always get your website more traffic. There are a few reasons for this, such as website content that is outdated and targeting the wrong traffic (that does not count as traffic as it is inapplicable for conversions, regardless of being organic website traffic or otherwise), broken links, etc.

A brand that connects with its audience has the highest potential for growth as compared to brands that only market products or services without forming a connection with their audience – this is especially true in today’s world which is dominated by social media.

Brands are just as active on social media as individual users, as it is the biggest platform that can reach the widest audience worldwide in the same instant. The fastest way to get the attention of your target audience is to show them that your brand addresses their problems while also sharing the same values. This ensures that organic website traffic includes a major percentage of the target audience and hardly includes irrelevant traffic.

While traffic can include anyone and everyone that are redirected either by mistake or by wrongly comprehending what your brand offers, the target audience is your key to business growth, making this set of audience more valuable than traffic itself.

Considering a high ranking on SERP that is attained with years of effort and ethical means, it definitely serves in driving high traffic to your website. However, if your website is not updated and complying with the latest trends as best as it can, organic website traffic or even inorganic website traffic may still be hindered from landing on your website.

While the former (organic) may just cause a decrease in traffic due to various reasons, the latter (inorganic) costs expenses to your business.

Being vigilant about how your website handles fluctuations in traffic – especially important in case of a high inflow of traffic, such as when a marketing or ad campaign works outstandingly well – can ensure to get the right traffic while also conforming to the latest norms set by search engines.

Ranking and (relevant) traffic are both extremely important for a website and are almost entirely co-dependent.

While working on SEO for a higher SERP ranking automatically helps you work on all sections of your website to improve ranking and enhance the look and feel of the website itself, the organic website traffic and inorganic website traffic when relevant can increase conversions and eventually help your brand grow to great heights.

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