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Is There A Real Difference Between UX And UI Design?

A website is a result of efforts put in by developers and designers, both of whom play an equally important role in the final website’s performance.

The official website of a business or brand not only represents the relevant business or brand vividly but is a powerful portal through which conversions would happen. While a framework lays the foundation for a website, the design is what completes the website and UX/UI design is an important part of the latter.

Web designers, whether for UX or UI, play a huge role in how well the marketing strategy for a given brand works as the same is the reflection of an impressive website.

UX/UI design

Is there a difference between UX design and UI design or is it just UX/UI design?

It is true that UX design and UI design are both parts of web design, but there is a difference between the two. A product or service could be more than physical, such as digital. A website is one such digital product that is used by brands the world over.

To create a website, there is an entire team that includes developers, designs, and other sub-category roles in each of these categories.

In UX/UI design, UX stands for user experience while UI stands for user interface. UX design and UI design are both parts of web design and designers specialize in either one of these or both of these.

While a lot of smaller projects have the same designer who handles UX/UI design single-handedly, bigger projects need specialization and further precision in each detail, meaning that the UX designer and the UI designer are both required as separate roles who nonetheless work together.

A UX designer is one who understands the project from a customer’s point of view. The main goal is to offer solutions to the problems of the customers.

On one hand, UX designers lay the foundation for further design which is carried out by a UI designer. A UI designer on the other hand puts their creative mind to use in order to make the final product not just useful but wonderful to use.

UX and UI despite being different in their roles in the design process are both major contributors to a website’s look and the way it performs. They are also closely related and the nature of one directly impacts the nature of the other.

As UX is the foundation for any website, the working of UI, no matter how great, is heavily dependent on the UX.

Basically, UX is the design aspect that focuses on the experience of the user of a considered product while UI is the design aspect that focuses on aesthetics and tends to have a creative side.

UX/UI design is often termed as one for how closely they are connected to each other and to the final product’s performance. As the term user experience (UX) suggests, a UX design strives to create a great user experience on the website as requested by the client who is the website’s owner.

As for user interface (UI), a UI design strives to create the best user interface for users who are the visitors to the considered website. This rule applies to any product in any sector but it is highly relevant to digital products, particularly websites.

Finally, UX/UI design as one can make or break what a website can provide its owners and users.

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