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Custom Website Vs WordPress Themes– Is One Better Than The Other?

When you get your own website for the very first time, you will have many doubts about where to begin. Another major factor would be the budget.

A website’s theme decides how the website is going to turn out when it is live, to be accessed by anyone over the internet.

A web design company will help you get the best theme based on your budget as well as your business needs.

However, this blog will explain the difference between the two most widely chosen methods to build a website with a theme.

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Key Difference Between Custom Website and WordPress Themes

Custom websites are far more customizable than WordPress websites given the obvious fact that the latter has a standard on which websites must be built, despite offering modifiable features.

Whether you want to create a new website or modify an existing website to its best, a web design company will help you get started right.

Custom-built websites are highly customizable as they are literally built from scratch and require in-depth technical knowledge.

A web design company will be best in designing the website from the most suited theme for your business offerings to ensuring that it functions efficiently.

WordPress is a platform that offers free as well as paid plans, while paid plans obviously offer more customizable features as compared to free plans.

This platform is one of the first of its kind to be available for use and is now popular across the world.

Most small businesses such as start-ups prefer WordPress as the free version will fit their tight budget at least till they can afford to switch to paid or create a new website with enhanced features altogether. In any case, a web design company with ample experience can take care of that part.

Custom websites need more time to be developed as they are started from level zero, unlike WordPress websites that have in-built themes.

While custom-based themes can be designed by any web design company precisely according to your needs, WordPress built-in themes can be customized over the existing features which takes notably lesser time, meaning that your website will be ready to go live much sooner.

Modification of custom websites may take some time, in fact, some features may not have any scope for modification at all.

In such a case, new features must be created from scratch, meaning that more time is needed yet again.

WordPress makes it easy to modify existing features in a shorter time, but then again, they may not be exactly up to your expectations while many other websites built on the same theme of WordPress may use the same features.

Custom website themes can be truly unique as they can be designed by a reputable web design company considering your unique needs plus the creativity of the team.

WordPress websites are rarely unique but they do leave some scope for creativity in considering modification of the features provided in free or even paid plans.

On one hand, the features present in a custom website may not require updates often and in some cases may not require updates at all for a very long time.

Plus, the company that created it for you will take care of it all. On the other hand, the features provided in WordPress themes often go outdated and need to be updated quite often for the website to even work which means you need to be responsible for it.

Choosing between a custom-built website and a WordPress website also greatly depends on the purpose of the website. In any case, the appearance and functionality of a website always matter the most.

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