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The Effective Keyword Density For Modern SEO Strategy In 2022

2022 is not the first year that has witnessed advanced SEO strategies and will definitely not be the last.

As the competition for brands keeps getting tougher, every brand is always looking for ideas that it can incorporate in digital marketing strategies to stand out from the rest. One non-negotiable step for any website to stay afloat is to make itself SEO-friendly and aim to rank higher on search engine results page (SERP).

advanced SEO strategies

While basic keywords of two competitive brands can by all means be the very same, advanced SEO strategies suggest them to use them more creatively. For example, through long-tailed keywords that have the basic keyword but incorporated in a way that the sentence consisting the same becomes more precise and comprehensive. Key phrases are another way of using key words that often imitate the usage of communicative speech in advanced SEO strategies.

The fact that keywords form an integral part of content makes their usage necessary. However, keyword density is also something that must be taken into account while using keywords in any content. With SEO being around for years now, advanced SEO strategies are a must for every business.

Keyword density is calculated by the formula:

[(number of keywords)/(word count)]*100

The resultant percentage is the keyword density in the page for which it is calculated. For years, people have been using keywords at 1%–2% which works well for most pages. However, in reality, there is no ‘ideal’ keyword density that any renowned search engine suggests to be used for SEO purposes or otherwise. Clearly, it is better to use more keywords for a page with lengthy content and lesser keywords for a page with shorter content – the key is to keep it sufficient, even while using other advanced SEO strategies at the same time. For a page with about 2000 words, about 15 to 20 repetitions of the relevant keyword should be good enough whereas for a page with just 500 words, about 5 repetitions of the relevant keyword would be good for SEO. Achievable number of repetitions, as opposed to keyword stuffing, are also preferable as they can be used in the most meaningful manner without seeming superficially placed amidst other content.

Years ago, with the misconception of increasing a website’s ranking using more keywords whether it made sense or not, keyword stuffing was commonly seen on websites. Only after sometime and through trial-and-error did these users understand that this is black-hat SEO strategy which is unethical as search engines in no way promote this approach.

In 2022, most people are aware of the ethical ways of using SEO (such as through white hat SEO techniques) for higher ranking on search engines and even opt for advanced SEO strategies to stay in touch with the latest approaches. At the end of it all, what matters to any visitor is the quality of content that is present on the landing page/webpage. While a visitor may never intentionally ‘search’ for keywords ‘on’ the webpage, search engines definitely do, which is how they suggest your website on SERP at all. With apt repetitions of keywords rather than unnecessary repetitions, your content will be more relevant – exactly what can rank you higher on search engines.

A team at an experienced digital marketing agency or SEO agency could give your website the best professional touch and help you with balancing keyword density depending on your content.

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