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8 Important Factors That Help You Choose The Right Branding Agency

Starting a business is a challenge in itself. To be recognised for what you do is why branding is critical. Choosing the right branding agency for your unique needs is just as critical.

People will identify you through your brand name and find your website and social media channels (again, people will search you by your brand name) by searching the same brand name on any search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Of course, your website needs to be ranking high to show up on the first three results or at least the first page of the search engine results page (SERP).

Lately, many brands, old are new alike, are also considering rebranding in order to fit in the latest market – both online and offline (stores). Rebranding may consider replacing the brand name itself, logo, website design, etc. or a combination of two or more of the mentioned factors. There are numerous branding agencies but we will help you choose wisely!

8 Important Factors That Help You Choose The Right Branding Agency

8 Important Factors That Help You Choose The Right Branding Agency

1. Goodwill of the branding agency

Goodwill of a company that you need any services from is very important. Find out how many years of experience the company has, its clientele, etc.

2. The impression that you get

The first impression that the company makes on you truly matters. Be it their website or the person from the mentioned company that you communicated with – if something does not fit, you may have to reconsider your selection. Finding a branding agency that is a perfect fit for your business is not impossible!

3. Company’s portfolio

A company’s portfolio is the true output of their work. If you like what you see, you are in the right place. Companies generally put up all of their best work in their portfolio section.

Try to also figure out the types of companies they have worked with in the past and if your company is in anyway close to that. This is not important, but it may help if the company has worked with a company similar to yours as this will lead to relevant experience.

4. Competence pertaining to the current market

Creativity needs to be ample for branding. The company must be more creative than its competitors as in the end, branding will be your major factor to stand out from your competitors too. The portfolio of a good branding agency will show their creativity.

5. Deliverability

This is something you should definitely discuss with the company that you want to opt for branding services from. Whatever be your concerns, keep the deadline at least a couple of days later than the time that the company requests. Changes, if any, can be made to suit your perfection in these spare days.

6. Social media channels of the branding agency

There is no better way to know how well a company is doing than by checking their social media channels. Check out their posts, their interactions with public, etc. This will also help you analyse if the company if right for you and not just right in general. A branding agency is your best guide.

7. Testimonials vs. reviews

The testimonials on the company’s websites would be from their clients who are satisfied with their services. However, research on any search engine to find out all reviews about the company to settle on a non-biased impression. Rather than only stating whether the reviewer is happy or unhappy with the services, check for how many people actually say that they recommend the company – this information is valuable to help you make the right decision.

8. Pricing

Research the current market value for branding or rebranding services and compare it with the company’s pricing for the service. If it is less, it sounds too good to be true and if it is more, find out why and if it’s worth the reason. A branding agency will help you determine the right pricing.

If a company specialises in IT services and solutions alone, chances are that they are experts in that field. It is also good to learn about the team that you will be assisting you with your branding.

Choose a branding agency that has experience with branding as well as rebranding. Rydrex is a pioneer IT solutions provider and has vast experience in the field of branding, rebranding, digital marketing, website development and much more! Contact us to get reliable services that deliver excellence.

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