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6 Warning Signs Indicating Why Your Website May Be Losing Visitors

Losing visitors is one of the most dreadful things that could happen to a website, especially if it has been successful before.

No one visits a website with the intention of leaving right away. If they still do, it is probably because your website has a bad design!

For any brand, its website visitors ideally include the target audience, and while conversions are of utmost importance, getting the bounce rate to nearly zero is another priority.

Losing visitors may cause any website’s ranking to go lower and it is hard to get it back up given that ethical SEO always takes time. When you have invested so much in creating a website, it only makes sense to ensure you get a good ROI and that starts by paying attention to visitor count.

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6 signs that could be warnings stating why your website may be losing visitors

  • Website is not loading fully or fast

Visitors in 2023 have no time to wait for even longer than a minute for a website to load. Thus, if your website is loading slowly or does not load one or more elements at all, chances are that it is losing website visitors faster than you can imagine.

The solution is to check for sizes of various elements, especially media, to ensure they are not the reason for the reduced website loading speed.

  • Website lacks engaging content

Content is a major component of your website, regardless of its nature. Include only relevant text and media content that engage website visitors for all the right reasons and help your website be impressive and competitive.

  • Rapid decrease in SEO ranking

A high SEO rank takes anywhere from a few weeks to many years in achieving. Once there, a website still needs to retain that ranking by putting in efforts through regular maintenance and keeping up with changing SEO trends.

If you notice a rapid decrease in SEO ranking and your website has gone down many positions on the search engine results page (SERP), there could be no better warning sign stating that your website is losing visitors.

  • Visitors find it hard to navigate

Ease of navigation is what keeps visitors not just engaged but interested. Navigation is a part of website functionality and a website that is easily navigable helps your website visitors browse more of your web pages which in turn increases conversions.

Regardless of whether visitors are browsing your website through a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, navigation should be simple and without glitches.

  • There is no search option

Sometimes, visitors are actually running short of time and this is not only due to lack of patience in the digital era.

With a search option that is boldly visible on all the web pages of your website, website visitors can quickly find what they are looking for without having to go through the typical path through the menu and thus also saving time.

Voice search is also a top SEO trend, now in 2023.

  • Visitors cannot spot CTA easily

Call to action or CTA is eventually the only factor that can get you conversions. While a landing page of any website must undoubtedly be attractive with catchy offers in order to gain leads and ideally get conversions, other factors like chatbots and CTA in the form of buttons or redirection of keywords to relevant pages are necessary.

A CTA in any form will assure website visitors an easy path to communicate with your brand and help them get a quicker response.

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