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6 Signs That Are Saying Your Website’s User Experience Or UX Sucks

Given the rate at which web design trends – especially those of UX designs and UI designs – are changing, it is hard for websites to keep up.

If a thought saying your ‘website design sucks’ has crossed your mind, it may well be true. Quite often, user experience is a major decider of the same.

Website’s user experience or UX sucks

6 signs that could be trying to tell you that your website’s user experience or UX sucks

1. The bounce rate has gone up

A high bounce rate is something every business dreads for its website. Bounce rate is highly dependent on web design and that includes the way users feel while browsing your website.

A horrible UX of a website is noticed almost as soon as a user lands on the website and almost cent percent of visitors close the window right away, gradually adding up to a high bounce rate for the website.

2. You are losing customers

There could be a hundred reasons why you are losing customers, a major determinant being your sales and marketing team. However, have you ever wondered why you may be losing customers while being sure that all your teams are doing very well? The answer to this doubt lies in bad user experience or UX.

Yes, this even applies to losing existing customers, and lead conversions apart!

3. The conversion rate is drastically reduced

During every audit, a business focuses on the number of conversions, hoping that it is higher than the percentage recorded previously. A website is the turning point for all marketing efforts put in by the respective teams and when user experience is not up to the mark, all efforts may go in vain and drastically reduce conversions.

4. Visitors cannot find what they are looking for

A website is supposed to be comprehensive, attractive, and also functional. While a bold search tab is necessary, other modern features such as voice search also make up for a better user experience.

For instance, imagine that a visitor finally found what they were looking for but there are no CTAs on the page that they are on, or they are placed where they are not easily visible. In this case, the visitor likely loses interest and worse, heads toward your competitor’s website!

As a business, your business offerings should be clearly mentioned in one or more ways (text, images, videos, etc.) on your website.

5. Too much content

Quality content is crucial but a lot of content is not always needed to make a point. However, too much content of any type – text or media – can not only make a website look too clumsy

On a website where space is limited, focusing more on concise content rather than using too much content is always the better approach. User experience on a website is also enhanced with little but informative content that is well-placed on the website.

6. Visitors cannot navigate easily

After content and attractiveness, navigation is key to keeping website visitors engaged for longer. A clear menu with a mobile-first design for the website ensures that visitors being your leads have a good experience browsing from any device.

Imagine that a visitor just cannot find a way back to your homepage from any other page on your website – this is bad UX. At least your brand’s logo must be present on every web page of your website and must be ideally linked to your homepage. Rydrex is a web design agency in Mysore that offers professional user experience design for any website. Transform your business quickly with your powerful website design! Contact us now and request a free consultation.


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