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6 Expected UX And UI Design Trends For 2023

The main goal of a website is to perform – ideally, better than expected. However, if you are planning to redesign your website due to decreased performance, go through these expected web design trends beforehand.

UX and UI Design

Here are a few expected UX/UI design trends for 2023 to be prepared for:

  • Voice search feature

Voice search is a feature that has been among popular UX/UI design trends at least for the past couple of years and it is expected to remain popular going into 2023.

Smart assistants are not new to smartphones. Similarly, a voice search option on your website can help visitors search for anything with ease and in a short time. While saving time, voice search is also much easier than text search which may get a little complicated with regard to keywords.

  • Accessibility

A website must be easily accessible by any kind of visitor (human!). While the accessibility of a website in UX/UI design trends is always important, the importance will likely be enhanced or even made legally mandatory by 2023.

Almost all European countries have already made accessibility of websites required by law, which means there would be no barrier concerning websites’ usage by anyone. Those with disabilities can easily browse websites when accessibility is legally adopted.

In fact, many websites across the world have acknowledged this feature even though it is not yet a mandate in most parts of the world.

  • Simplistic design

Nobody likes complications in any aspect! In today’s digital era, one can only imagine how much thought websites must put into their web designs so it does not complicate the browsing experience of visitors.

The easiest way to avoid any complications in web design is to stick to a simplistic (not the same as minimalistic, although even this is widely used for a clean look of websites) design while following current UX/UI design trends.

Declutter by removing elements that do not add any value to the web design – this could mean you can replace or even delete any generic old photo that has no significance on your website or towards your brand.

  • Changeable website browsing themes

How cool would it be if users could switch up the look of a website with a click? This is where changeable themes come into the picture. Today, light mode and dark mode are basic themes that are quite popular among even websites of industry giants like YouTube.

While this feature is already present in many mobile apps including professional apps that are created for work, UX/UI design trends in 2023 will make them widely applicable to websites as well. Most apps and websites use a toggle switch that a user can operate.

  • 3D illustrations

Sure, images and videos are trending and have been one of the most loved UX/UI design trends across the globe in the recent few years. However, 3D illustrations are slowly gaining fame as they can be customized as per the brand and relevant target audience.

  • VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) provide a user experience to visitors like no other. Most mobile apps use VR and AR in different forms for different purposes.

For example, filters on images in the popular social media platform Instagram work on AR, while there are many VR games (typically using a VR headset) that are already played by millions across the world.

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