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5 Smart Design Elements Of Corporate Branding

Did you know that people tend to remember information better if it is visual rather than just textual? Given this fact as well as the weightage of digital devices in the world, design is the most important element for any business.

For example, if you use an image to promote a new launch, people are more attracted to it. Can you imagine a promotional text only? You would hardly grab attention, whether it is over email, pamphlets, or other modes of using promotional text for various marketing purposes.

There are many design elements of the corporate branding approach that will make all the difference to the growth of your business. We discuss the most important of them all.

5 Smart Design Elements Of Corporate Branding

5 smart design elements of Corporate Branding

1. Colors

Colors that you use for your business materials are important and you should try to use the same set of colors (one or more) throughout. You can use a combination of two or more colors but try not to use too many colors all at once for two reasons – 1. It may be overwhelming for some viewers; 2. The combination of colors used may not work well – in either case, your brand identity will get a lower virtual ranking. The color palette used by your brand is definitely one of the most important design elements of corporate branding.

2. Brand logo

The logo is the first thing that people will notice about your company. The design should be in a way that expresses what your business is into. At the same time, it should look appealing to the viewer. Keep it trendy and never boring. Don’t hesitate to experiment as long as it does not seem unrealistic in any way. In short, your brand logo should be minimalistic and symmetric (if applicable) and must include your brand’s color palette. Last but not the least, it must be catchy and as unique as possible. The other design elements of corporate branding would not mean much if your logo is not relevant.

3. Font

The font is something that not many people would consider as important, but, in reality, the font makes a lot of difference to your business materials. It is used to highlight the other design elements of corporate branding. Try to use as few fonts as possible as it will not lead to any discrepancies. Keep the font size and font type uniform in your company’s materials to look professional. Just using the right font will get your business a professional look with minimal effort. Once again, the font must also follow your brand identity’s color palette.

4. Images

As mentioned before, images have more weightage than just plain text, no matter how good. The other design elements of corporate branding depend greatly on images. Images let you get creative and design one of your own, or easily purchase them online from millions of beautiful paid and free images. Having images that you design, even if it only includes basic designs, will be unique to your business. Although, this is not the case if you purchase an image online as there could be other people who would have purchased the same image for different reasons.

5. Brand gap

The brand gap is one of the design elements of corporate branding that is not given much importance. The brand gap is the gap between what you promote and what you actually offer. With so many brands that are into selling, consulting, marketing, and much more, the competition for any kind of business is indeed tough. One way to stay ahead of your competitors is to show your customers that you truly care for your business and what it offers them. By keeping the brand gap as less as possible, you will gain more customers.

These 5 smart design elements of corporate branding are sure to get your business growing to great heights and keeping it there. The next time you sit down with your team, however big, to create a business strategy, branding should be your utmost priority.

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