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5 Important SEO Trends In 2021

When you search for something on Google, the resulting page is the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

There are numerous links displayed on SERP in a particular format. The topmost results (links) are known to be the highest-ranking links – these clearly follow the best SEO practices. We cannot stress the importance of SEO enough. The goal of any website would be to show up on page 1 if not in the first three results. This can only be possible if your website is SEO-friendly.

Staying updated with current SEO trends is vital for the growth of any business. Your website needs to be modified accordingly to rank high and retain that ranking. According to various studies, most users do not even visit the second page of SERP. This means that you should do everything you can to show up on the first page, ideally in the top three results. SEO in 2021 is anything but basic. SEO for business is tricky but not impossible! We have analysed and decided to share the most important SEO trends with you.

5 Important SEO Trends In 2021

5 Important SEO Trends In 2021

1. Mobile-friendly website

People today want everything at their fingertips. Looking for information or wanting to buy their favorite product is no different!

When you have invested so much in your business and getting a website for the same, you need to make it mobile-friendly for users too. If a user enjoys their browsing experience in your website, they are likely to turn into a customer. Certain factors that your website definitely portray are speed, responsiveness, etc. There are also many free tools that let you check whether your website is truly mobile-friendly.

Keeping the website design simple, relevant and free of any cluttering content and images automatically catch your visitor’s attention and engage them in the right manner.

2. Long-tail keywords

Ever since SEO has been in the picture, keywords have taken the crown. With many websites using the same keywords, it may become redundant, and in such cases, search engines consider many other factors in order to rank your website.

To stay on top of the game, long-tail keywords are your best bet in SEO trends. These are longer keywords with modification to the basic primary keyword. Being longer, these keywords can be modified to be detail-specific depending on what your business is into.

3. Video content

Videos are the best tutors! People prefer video tutorial, video review, videos for any product’s working, etc. Video content tops all other SEO trends when it comes to applying creativity to share information.

Having a video channel to promote your brand does wonders to your SERP ranking and online presence. Tactics like using keywords in the video’s description can help greatly with SEO – just make sure they are completely relevant to your video’s message!

Videos can also be shares across multiple platforms with a single click, thus enabling your business’s reach to increased popularity.

also helps in marketing as videos can be shared across platforms and played on multiple devices including mobiles.

4. Image content

Before videos were a rage, images served a huge purpose in making your website appear welcoming while being apt to your business.

Websites still need to use images for a more attractive design and will never go out of trend. Using both images and videos is a bonus.

5. Voice search-friendly snippet

This is one of the latest SEO trends. With the way technology has advanced, people are looking for easier ways to carry out their research. Voice search is the current favourite of people, which is why, your webpage’s snippet content must include words that users may voice-search with.

As we all know, these trends change every year. But for 2021, we hope these SEO trends help you improvise your website’s SEO-friendliness.

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