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5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Must Always Be Avoided At Any Cost

Email marketing may seem like quite an old approach ever since digital marketing rose to its huge popularity over the recent years. In reality, marketing through emails is still just as effective, if not more.

Unlike many approaches such as social media marketing (SMM) that require users to be browsing relevant social media websites, emails are considered more professional and are thus read at least a few times a day.

Emails are often considered more seriously than ads that one sees on various platforms online, which is why emails are effective. email marketing can also greatly help with customer retention when done right.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Here are 5 mistakes that you need to avoid in email marketing

  • Sending too many too often aka spamming

The desperation of conversions in this tough market for every industry has resulted in spamming audience through various means, especially emails. This also explains why nearly every email provider has a dedicated ‘spam’ folder. Sending too many emails and/or too often may either be detected as spam, or worse, receiver themselves may tag your email as spam. This is why it is important to only send out emails occasionally albeit with quality marketing content.

  • Not sending to target audience

Figuring out your right target audience is important not only to build a marketing strategy but also to make it work. On the same note, email marketing must be targeted to only the right audience in order to work. Sending it to irrelevant audience may not be ideal for obvious reasons. Also, remember to refresh that list of leads every few months!

  • Including visually unappealing content

Even though we are considering emails, content in your marketing copy must still be top-notch. While visually appealing content will help in conversions, visually unappealing content may result in a bad image for your brand itself. Use creative images and videos that are specific rather than generic – these extra efforts can make a lot of difference in gaining the attention of readers! Email marketing is all about driving traffic to your website without seeming too pushy; the used content must include points that make you stand out from the rest.

  • Not providing an option to unsubscribe

No marketing copy must seem forced onto target audience. There may be some of your old customers who no longer have use of your products or services for some reasons, but they might have thoroughly enjoyed the same when they did use them. Such audience may want to unsubscribe but not finding an option to do so may make your emails seem like spam, which is not at all what you want. In fact, the goal is always to convert more leads to customers and boost sales, and not lose existing customers.

  • Not adding direct links from emails

Imagine reading an attractive description of a new product launch but not finding anyway to get to the selling website. This is annoying for anyone, meaning that it is definitely not what you want your target audience to feel! Therefore, always link your emails to your website’s relevant landing page. It also goes without saying that any landing page must be catchy and whatever offer your business is able to put up can be promoted here to retain visitors, get more leads and increase conversions.

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