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5 Easy Tips That Help You Create An SEO-Friendly Website

It is not a choice but a mandate for websites to be SEO-friendly if they dream of ranking at least on the first page of search engine results.

A digital marketing company in Mysore will undoubtedly be the best to get you started right to avoid redesigning your website after getting it live completely wrong at first.

Read on to know how you can get an SEO-friendly website to make your efforts totally worth it!

5 Tips for Creating an SEO-Friendly Website

  • Use the right keywords without stuffing them

It is not a secret that keywords greatly determine your online visibility and ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). However, the shortest keywords may today be used widely which means that although they are the right keywords, they may not be enough to get your ranking up due to excessive usage across websites. In such a scenario, variations such as long-tailed keywords unique to your business can help a ton. A digital marketing company in Mysore can help you stay updated with current keyword popularity and use them accordingly ensuring never to stuff them in any case.

  • Use different types of media

Images are just not enough today when the user wants to see media in more catchy ways, such as videos. Frame engaging videos and add them at the right places on your website, something that an experienced digital marketing company in Mysore will be perfect to help you with. Shorter videos that are highly informative will be played by nearly all visitors, making them great for SEO.

  • Always include an alt tag for media

Media on any web page may not load for more reasons than one. Therefore, it is always best to use alt tags or alt descriptions for all your media files. When you do, the visitor will know what the empty space was to represent even if it has not loaded as expected. The best digital marketing company in Mysore will help get the right alt tags for your website’s media files that are relevant and accurate even.

  • Speed is everything

The fast-paced world that we live in leave no room for patience, especially on the internet. A website should load fast and never lag. The speed should be high including loading each and every element on the website such as text, images, buttons, videos, etc. if some elements do not load, the web page not only loses its good appearance but may send a visitor away which is the last thing that you want. A good digital marketing company in Mysore with a satisfactory portfolio can help you analyze what elements or other attributes are causing a slow-loading page on your website and solutions to fix them.

  • Use mobile-first design for your website

Nearly every adult owns a mobile in this digital era and a smartphone at that. It is no wonder that people want to browse on the go today where daily commute takes up most part of the daily lives of working-class people. In fact, even other people prefer using mobiles as they are so handy and can be used from literally anywhere and browsed with an active internet connection. This is mainly why you must use a mobile-first design for your website. A reputable digital marketing company in Mysore may even have a strong web design team that can help you in incorporating the best design for your website.

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