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5 Clear Reasons Why Visitors May Instantly Leave Your Website

Having a perfect website may look like it will fetch the highest profits, but in reality, even the perfect website is just not enough.

None knows the importance of a good web design than a reputable and experienced web design company in Mysore. While a website’s appearance does matter a lot, even the perfect appearance is not enough to retain visitors unless the web design is also great! Here are some clear reasons why visitors may leave or website either instantly or in just a few seconds.

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Don’t Let These 5 Reasons Degrade Your Website Quality

  • Loading speed

None has the time to wait for a web page to load for ages. The loading speed of any website plays a major role in gaining the audience’s attention and how much time they are likely to spend on your website. Loading speed depends on all types of content and features and with the tight competition in the market, a website must still ensure a fast-loading pages. A good web design company in Mysore will focus on minute but important details like the size and format of content including media, so that they are embedded in more general formats, resulting in quicker loading pages.

  • Landing page

Landing page of your website must be the most attractive page as it frames a permanent impression on especially first-time visitors. If this page seems too pushy on conversions, it may very well impact target audience negatively, forcing them to close the browser instantly. Instead, offer discounts and collect only basic data which will generally not imbibe any hesitation in visitors. An experienced web design company in Mysore with a good portfolio can create the perfect landing page for you.

  • Placement of ads and ads themselves

While most free web creation platforms do not offer flexibility on choosing the placement of ads on your profile, getting your website developed by a company that is also a reputable web design company in Mysore can give you a cent percent control on how ads appear, and if they appear, on your website. If you can go on without sponsorship, you will not be needing to display any ads at all.

  • Type of content

Too much text and no media will look pretty bad on any webpage, no matter how technical the content is. People prefer watching a short video rather than going through an entire paragraph to learn how to use a simple product that you offer, and this holds true to literally anything that your business offers. The best web design company in Mysore will help you in putting the right content in the right format and size, and place different features in the most efficient manner across the web page.

  • Calls-to-action

Calls-to-action or CTAs are important to not only increase conversions but also to help visitors contact you for any queries. Today where chatbots are quite common, CTAs still play a major role. Imagine that you have great product but it is out of stock although you will get it back soon. In this case, instead of disappointing a potential buyer, add a ‘notify me’ CTA to automatically schedule an email reply when the product gets back in stock for them to buy. An efficient web design company in Mysore will help you design the perfect CTAs for each webpage on your website, and where they seem most feasible to be placed.

Hiring website design experts from a reputed company is an investment that is highly suggested. Rydrex is a modern-day pioneer of IT solutions and a renowned web design company in Mysore that has served clients from all over the world. Contact us to transform your website.

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